Who are we ?

Overseas Trading Support Inc.(OTS) is an international trading firm that imports and exports various machines and tools to and from Japan. OTS was founded and established in 2003 in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan.The founder of OTS, Steve Takayanagi has been in international trading business for machinery trading over 28 years.


What OTS can do for you.

One of the main businesses that OTS runs is to support overseas client to find and import product made in Japan and explore and export their product to Japan. Looking for product made in Japan ?
Many of Japanese made products are reliable and solid. 
There are products that may be what you are seeking to import to your
country.. However finding what you really need and paying for it is another story. You dont want to make a mistake and waste your investment.
OTS is able to reduce your risk by finding the best product and the best way to have product reach to you. 
OTS first gather information from you about the product then does the research and find the product that suits your needs.
Send us an e-mail and Consult us first for more information.


Eager to export your product to Japan ?

They say Japanese market is tough to explore.  No doubt about it.
Service industry is well organized and manufacturing industry is probably the best in the world in many fields. 
Japan has 120million population and the average income is one of the highests
in the world.
If you have any confidence on your product or service, the market in Japan is the place worth exploring.
Send us an e-mail and Consult us first for more information.


How does it work ?

I know we are not a well known firm that you can depend on with this web site only. As per the market research, we start with least expensive method, an internet. We check the Japanese market for your particular product and send you the report. If it is satisfactory, we recommend designing web site for the product in Japanese. We also are able to manage and sales promote the web site. Then we act as your import agent in Japan for logistics and customer support.  


Kazuhiro Steve Takayanagi(Director)

Overseas Trading Support Inc.

4252-1 Murakushi-Cho, Nishi-Ku

Hamamatsu City, Japan 4311207

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Mobile/WhatsApp.: +81-90-1758-3120

E-mail: takayanagi@otsjapan.com

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URL: www.otsjapan.com